This month we are featuring a few different Pinot Noirs from all over France and Oregon and 1 Chardonnay, and just to keep it interesting we threw in a couple of bordeauxs.

January Wine Club Wine is In

At This Point… My Blood Type is Pinot Noir

January’s Cellar Society picks are here! It’s “PEE-no-NWAH” in French,  “PEE-no-NWAR” in English, and “Peanut-Nowhar” in the South. This month we are featuring a few different Pinot Noirs from all over France and Oregon and 1 Chardonnay, and just to keep it interesting we threw in a couple of bordeauxs. You’ll have to tell us your favorite!

Sophisticated & Bolder Things:

Laroque Chardonnay Cite de Carcassonne

The Laroque Vineyard is just South of the ancient region of Carcassonne. This is in the southeastern part of France and technically doesn’t fall into any of the traditional wine regions. On the nose, it starts off with citrus and stone fruit followed by white flowers, and buttery spice. On the palate, you get flavors of white peach, melon, ginger, lemon, vanilla, and toasted brioche.

Argyle Bloomhouse Pinot Noir

Argyle is a vineyard and Winehouse up in Willamette Valley, Oregon. They like most of the wine world are huge in the concept of terroir. They truly love where they are as you can tell from their quote, “This valley, this community — this terroir — is in our blood, under our nails, and in our souls. If the goal is to make great wine, there is nowhere we’d rather be.” They have been blowing the minds of tasters with both their sparkling wine selection as well as their stills including the variety of Pinot Noir. This pinot specifically is the Bloomhouse edition, their estate reserve if you will. Aromas of spice, dried earth, and minerals accentuate the sweetness of red and dark fruit. On the palate, you get notes of raspberry, cranberry, cocoa, ginger, and black tea.

Bolder Things:

Laroque Pinot Noir

Yes! This is the same vineyard as that amazing Chardonnay from earlier! The medium-bodied Pinot noir starts with aromas of red fruit, vanilla, and a dusty floral note. Which then translates to the palate, as red raspberry, bing cherry, dried leaves, and just a touch of spice to round it all out.

Chateau Tournefeuille Bordeaux

Okay so imagine you’re in France. You’re specifically in the Bordeaux region, there is a river running right through the middle of the land flowing out towards the ocean in the west. Imagine taking a nice little water taxi ride down that river. Now look to the right… you’re passing Chateau Tournefeuille which is right down the way from Pomerol. The terroir there is mostly made up of clay, which is perfect for this blend. Merlot loves the clay-like soil, and the Bordeaux is 62% Merlot, 33% Cabernet Franc, 3% Cabernet Sauvignon, and 2% Malbec. Then the nice little server on the water taxi brings you a glass of this Bordeaux. You’ll get lovely whiffs of dark fruit, spice, wood, and a sense of smoke from a grill. After tasting you get the delightful layers of flavors of dark plum, black cherry, and blueberry followed by black tea, oak, and cedar wood, walnuts finishing with a touch of smoke.

Finer Things:

Château Mongravey Margaux

Pretend you are still on that journey down the river in Bordeaux, only now take a look to your left. There you will see Chateau Mongravey. Now the left bank is made of a more gravelly type of soil, which is great for Cabernet Sauvignon, the dominant varietal in the blend. Cabernet Sauvignon does not like its feet to be constantly wet like the Merlot does. On the nose, this wine features aromas of dark fruit, cocoa, vanilla, a touch of something floral, and a little minerality. On the palate, you get notes of black currant, black cherry, cassis, wet stone, hazelnut, and chocolate.

Domaine Pierre Gelin Fixin

Domaine Pierre Gelin is the leading wine producer in the small village of Fixin (pronounced “Fees-an”), or if you’re from the South like me it’s “Fix-en.” Fixin is a quiet village sitting at the northern end of the Côte de Nuits, just a short half-hour drive from the center of Dijon, yes like the mustard, which is in the Northern-most part of the Bourgogne wine region of France. If you’re in the wine world you know that Bourgogne means either Pinot Noir or Chardonnay. On the nose this Pinot starts off with sweet red fruit, followed by an earthy woodiness, and spice. On the palate, you get notes of raspberry and fresh cherry, licorice, vanilla, tobacco, and the slightest hint of candied orange.

You get a Pinot, I get a Pinot, Let’s drink it together!

Wine is always better with friends and family! We here at the Vineyard are always having a party, so be sure to follow us on social media to see what we are doing! Coming up for the rest of this month we have our monthly Cigar and Spirit Event on January 25th. We are introducing our Quarterly Poker Night on January 29th, and last but certainly not least we just started our Read Between the Wines book club and the meeting will be January 30th. If you don’t have the book don’t worry we have a few copies you can get along with the wine we are pairing with it! Swing on by and we’ll get you set up or call us at (417)882-0399 and we’ll be happy to help you. Sip, Smoke, Savor, friends and we’ll see you next time.